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Over the past 18 months all of us have experienced immense changes, new ways of working and sharing with others.  We have discovered things about ourselves and the people around us.  Some of those changes were forced upon us, many others may be yet to come.  Last year, Mental Health First Aid England, reported that one worker in six will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress, at home, work or across their life.  It is also noted that nearly 40% of managers, in many different fields of work have identified issues relating to well-being  in the workplace environment.

Finding time, discovering a way, and experiencing calm, maybe, just what we need.  It could also be what those around you need.   Just having that confidence to share, and the encouragement to listen, is a great starting point.  

As we share together we will become more aware of the needs of others, even our own needs.

‘Happenings,’ and its style of creative working, will help you discover.

Time is precious

All of us share exactly the same amount of time, minutes, days, weeks and months.  What we do with the time, how we spend the time, will vary enormously.  We hear phrases like, ‘quality time, ‘ ‘family time,’  ‘precious time.’  What does that mean ?  How does that work for us ?

People are looking at how they spend their time and what works for them.  How can they improve and enhance their quality of life by giving themselves and those around them, more time.

people add value

Society places increasing pressure upon us, striking the right work/life balance can be tough.  With this in mind, Peter has taken up the opportunity to work with companies, groups, schools and individuals to offer some perspective in finding a way forward.

We have become increasingly aware of the need to share, to open up and allow others the space to tell you how they feel, and what is going on.  Far too often many people when asked, ‘how are you ?’ respond with, ‘fine thanks,’ now let’s move on, we’re done, even though that may not be the true reflection of the situation.

shout up !

Through a single booking, or a structured timeframe of sessions,  ‘Happenings’ use creative and stimulating programmes which encourage people to share and interact together.  Team workshops, resources and opportunities to interact form the main basis of our work.

The intention is to get to know one another and build a framework that will allow your business, group or school staff team to grow.  Tailored programmes to suit your needs are on offer.  We recognise that most work places are trying to provide the best for their staff, employees, and groups in an ever changing environment.