Who we are


Peter Thomas the director of ‘Happenings’ has lived and worked in the Yorkshire Dales for the past eighteen years.  Originally from Neath, south Wales, Peter came to the dales initially to work with local secondary schools, staff teams and young people.  Two years later this work was extended to Primary Schools and local business groups.  His creativity and enthusiasm along with some fantastic communication skills draw people into sharing and encouraging one another, in a fun and exciting way.  

Peter has established an amazing bank of ideas and resources that help to facilitate the ‘Happenings’ program.

Workshops and tailored sessions form the main basis of our work.



Peter is married with two children, he combines his work with Happenings, alongside being part-time minister at Grassington Congregational Church.  He enjoys sports, cooking, walking and being in the outdoors.  The dales provide many opportunities to explore, think and reflect.  Peter has an established presence throughout the area in local schools and across the community with various groups and businesses.


Happenings works alongside other professionals in delivering support, encouragement and a variety of programmes to help and assist people in their work.  We can share with you as you build a well-being strategy or compliment and enhance your current thinking.  

Build & develop

We recognise that every organisation has a different culture and way of working.  Many companies, businesses, schools and individuals are seeking to discover ways in which they can support and encourage their staff and the people they serve.  Working together in creative and  informal ways offer an excellent start, we can build upon your thinking and begin where you are and engage with your current thinking.

working with others

On occasions we will recommend other professionals as you feel your needs develop.

These may include people offering fitness programmes, cooking, artwork and life skills.